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Distract Skill - Rogues

Is that skill useful? I wanted to level it up so bosses stop targetting me over other players due to my lower level in group or whenever my Shadow Strike deals a critical.

Does it work as intended at the very least? or doesn't really make a difference?

Re: New player thoughts

This is all well and good, but should be a concern for OTM. Luckily the OP was smart enough to post on forums their troubles, yet I’m sure there are many who don’t consider this and end up quitting very early on. Have OTM ever talked about how to fix health and energy problems for new players? they...

Re: New player thoughts

once I've found my way around I'm stuck killing one mob, then running away and waiting ages for me to regeneration, tried to make gold for stuff In the auction house like health and regeneration potions and even that takes forever to farm enough gold for just one potion. I started to play this game...

Re: Smallz

Would someone be nice enough to give us a TL;DR version please Edit: Ok not exactly a shorter version, but a bit more clear ____________________________________________________________________________ Hi everyone I am smallz 220 mage from donn and I used to make videos. I was on donn for about more ...

Re: Fishing/Cooking Recipes

What level fishing do I need? What level cooking do I need? Does this recipe drop from fishing or do I buy it from a vendor? First of all you have to do at the very least the Fishing "tutorial" (the mini-quest) in order to speak with Fishermen NPCs and see their goods, those Fishermen are...

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