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Re: Grieving

There is also toon named iCinnamon parked in Murkey Vaukts 0-24h that is booting game to obtain gold in server. That's hypocrisy when you already admitted to use a program to bot Hawkcrust, OTM already banned you once and you keep doing it, it won't be long until you drop your act with WildBunch an...

Re: Grieving

He also seems to enjoy killing all the mobs in a room while you are lixing. Trashtalks and call random players names .... I won't touch the topic regarding adds because it could be true, I really don't know. But regarding ks lixing I doubt he does that, unless of course you can provide evidence of ...

Re: Easy Gold Farm

Not many people know about it. Many people know about it, it isn't a top secret lol, and I'm pretty sure OTM is already aware of the shimmering rate on shalemont, because again, it isn't like a secret, the reason behind why they haven't nerfed it is beyond me, gold mobs are way better, but this met...

Re: Cooking Tokens?

LadyNymeria wrote:Yes, it’s random luck. I mostly get eggs or raspberries, but I did collect enough for a purple chef hat :)

I want the hat too! purple one, no luck with gold cooking tokens, and I haven't seen any of them on auction in my server (Nuada)

Re: Chaos Clan Banks of Nuada

Chaotic wrote:Yes, this has been too long. Other clans have got results within days because of posting on forums and we who went through the official channels get ignored for 2 months? Ridiculous.

Will you guys merge with Crew if banks and players are ever unbanned? or Chaos is a complete different clan?

Cooking Tokens?

Are they only obtained from the daily cooking quest? (by opening the cooking cache or however that bag is called)

Or is there any other way? because I always seem to get wyvern eggs or similar from that bag lol

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