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DPS Warrior

I was wondering how a warrior's damage compares to a Rogue, Ranger and Mage in both levelling and end-game?

I have been levelling mainly my warrior and i do enjoy him, where i would like to eventually try tanking i am wondering how the damage output compares?

Re: Quickest way to get a mount?

Also its not about fashion or trying to look cool its about getting from one area to the other faster, we are trying to complete all the quests in each area and so our bags are always too full to fast travel. Having the mount to increase outr spead would help go between the areas faster for us and a...

Quickest way to get a mount?

What’s the quickest way without spending heaps of £££££? Don’t mind spending some real life money to get me and the wife a mount each as would get our Leveling up to the next level but with the new update not until next year I am looking to get for our characters who are 37. Do I still need to spear...

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