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Re: Point system

Google sheets is good as you can program it to fit your needs (such as automatic calculations, converting to csv file with ease to be able to manipulate data for better dataset analysis, etc.), though lacks other clan features such as online applications and whatnot.

Re: Point system

We use band, with attendance at each boss posted into a chat channel. It is then exported as csv, and put through text processing to load into Guildlaunch. And I do mean each boss - we give points for 4 star placeholders on DL on up, to reward the timer keepers. This makes for a huge volume of text...

Re: Point system

If you use Guildlaunch, I did write a program so that you can write text indicating the boss/attendees and it’ll parse the text creating an xml block of code so that you can paste it onto Guildlaunch and it’ll automatically create the raids for you (Essentially writing code to generate more code). I...

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