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Re: Belly Rubs Smugglers?

Oh yea, sorry. I have been having way too much fun with the profanity filters.... to the extent another word is snugglers. So I thought your post was going to say you put in two curse words by accident and just misread snugglers as smugglers.

Re: So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

Can guarantee that these people do (and have been) banned. If you submit a ticket detailing the name of the scammer and the person they are impersonating, they (and any accounts linked to the account) will get perma-banned. This! It's kinda just a leg race at some point. IP and Device bans are not ...

Re: BT kill number 30 on Gwydion

Great feedback and cool perspective. There's definitely quite a few points I, personally, agree on. Understanding player behavior as a generalized sentiment, yes, many mobile players play for shorter time intervals. BUT, that is 1. changing and 2. different for many games. I worked on a simulation g...

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