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Just started a warrior
What stats do you recommend, I heard mostly str And vit, what should I put in stats per level / 2 levels
(5-10 points)

Re: Beta reward

Difinitus wrote:I'll be contacting recipients with what character and server they want to receive the reward on. Once it has been delivered, we won't be able to transfer the item to another character.

Thanks for clearing it up for me

Beta reward

If we signed up with an account but then move servers, are we able to change where our beta reward will go when it comes out ? Planning on moving server and want to know if I can change what toon gets it (if I get it lmao )

Re: Druids builds

I use 3:2 foc vit, works amazingly Skills I use Lightning strike : must, you got that Vines, must , u got that Touch, must, u got that Bark, MUST, Druids armour goes down severely as the game goes on in terms of damage / armour protection ratio. Bark can turn my 200 armour into 1200. I would deffo d...

Re: Pureness

Personally the true outlook of this post is that a clan that’s falling behind suddenly wants a chance to get redemption it looks a lot more selfish than what you make it out to be. 90% of support for this post is from your own clan. I can’t support something that just seems too conveniently timed wi...

Re: DG sets on your server

Belenus has 0 like Zkills says except it’s handed out piece by piece to deserving members, if we did full sets we’d have around 4-5 probably There’s a bunch with 3/5 2/5 and 1/5 around We would have around 20 now Yea you’re probs right, I couldn’t say how many had chest and gloves so took a random ...

Re: Pureness

DG is the best armour in the whole game, getting a set takes a lot of effort from the clan(s) or server. If you haven’t played on EG level yet you likely have no idea how much time, organization, etc went into a single set and working towards being able to kill and keep killing the important raid b...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

I still have not heard any form of constructive criticism, but only a disregard of a know opponent from the same server. Maybe it isnt right conflicting edl to DG Please answer this. If you start playing tommorow and get leveled up to 220. But you cannot get into the only clan on server that can ki...

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