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1 out of 5 bugs

I’ve noticed staff of OTM only seen to reply to about 1- (3-5) bugs reported and the rest are left unanswered, if you’re going to have a bug reporting forum then shouldn’t you be fixing all of them, we take the time when we find errors it would be great for you to aswell, solve more before Corrupted...

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

1. double plat ofc 2. carrow carnage 3. legacy carnage 4. frozen timers cut massively and 4* 100% drop chance 5. double xp? will create all these endgame players servers need for endgame bosses 6. double bounties with increases elite chance 7. a prize for 7 days (for each year) 7 things 1 representi...

Re: Offering Gifts to Crom Refugees

(Now I don’t play Crom and I dont know all the stories but let’s just have a clear up ) To summarise: The three - four people that have beef with seed for reasons who the hell knows: SeEd Is A CoMiE DiCtAtOrShIP AnD NoThINg Is GoOd AbOuT iT “Seed doesn’t let anybody progress and is a complete wall t...

Re: Dunskeig Sweres

Aren’t they located in the very start of murkey vaults? I think they’re at at the very bottom from that thin tunnel, through the large circle and the small square, , bottom east of the map. I remember there being mobs something like that there, try entering murkey vaults to find the crosses swords, ...

Re: Open Beta Update!

Muldar wrote:We are internally testing the beta build right now.

Assuming everything goes okay, build submission tonight!

Must we be of level req for the open beta or can we still view it if we’re below, I want to see it all but I’m not at the level,

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