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I send a support ticket about it but just wondering

If you buy a mount purely from tokens, can OTM refund it ?

Or can they turn a battle mount (for example horse ) to another of the same level (for example wolf )

Re: Gardens Bounties...

Due to how the bounty system works (selecting a quest within 10 levels of your current level) this is an unfortunate possibility. I will discuss this further with Design on Monday. It shouldn't be too difficult to add "minimum level" flexibility into the bounty system ;) This could be imp...

Dex and Winds

I plan to swap swarm for winds as it’s dps it’s quite small for its cost at my level. How much points should I be putting into dex to make a near maxed winds effective ? I won’t be using dex gear as my setup is full dps but I plan to use an aggy winds ring. What should my stat points be? 2 foc 2 vit...

Re: stinging storm

Swarm is nice if you can support the energy cost, to boost your damage I also reccomend maxing vines and strike but try get a hold on rings to increase it further

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