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Re: DoTs are so bad that if....

they wont but i god want this added. there is little point having 2+ caster druids at a raid its a waste of their time imo this should apply to all classes we wouldnt be complaining about overpowered bosses if we had a dot system that made sense u know, u can stab someone more than once have more th...

Re: Regarding Druid Leveling

Thanks for the reply. This is great. a) What about Rogues ? Will I be able to complete all solo content by a Rogue ? Can this class stealth or turn invisible ? b) In my previous games, I used to have professions where I can make potions that can heal my HP during combat. Do we have any such concept...

iPad Pro Crash issues

Last night the game was working perfect on my Pro, but went to log this morning and every time I login it crashes

I’d prefer any alternatives to not redownloading but will do it if needed

Game does work on my Phone but for no reason crashes on my pro

Re: Daily log in rewards.

I guess that's why pretty much everything can be acquired without a player personally spending money. Rekt Not really rekt infant. It's wrecked btw so learn how to spell. One purple token a month isn't going to hurt you in revenu but gives some of it something to look forward to at the end of those...

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