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The ingame support tool

Personally had a terrible interaction with this Asked support a question about a Phoenix, told me getting my 2 eggs from my lvl 2 pet was not refundable Soooo I asked for half price, which I have been informed is fine But apparently not I got the exact same, word for word, punctuation exact answer “...

Support being no help

So first I sent an ingame message via the tool asking to turn my lvl 2 Phoenix into 2 eggs, they said unfortunately it’s not refundable So I sent another asking for ONE EGG half the price like every goddamn pet refund in this game. I got the exact same copy pasted respone, I wasted a couple days wai...

Re: Arena glitch

Buffs are staying after u die on the buff debuff section but I don’t think it’s still affecting you.

Had a weird glitch where it said my pet was hungry, couldn’t use it but it was still next to me

Re: Global Castle feedback

nice idea but executed poorly + can't use bounty board or gladiator quest giver + player rendering is painfully bad, you have to be super close to actually see people + general lag and connection problems + the place is way to crowded, it wasn't designed for ~200 people at once (Which it currently h...

Re: Pay to Win

I feel like I respond to these kinda of threads at least once a week. Can we please end this here lol Pay to win is when there is something that must be obtained by money, and isnt tradeable, gives an unfair advantage and is a REQUIREMENT to be the best you can possibly be. Free to win players CAN ...

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