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Re: Faction Barding

Yea, I’ve also noticed the same with the t4 potions. They say they completely negate the effect of the boss but you’re still slow as balls when you use them. What’s up with that? Bad enough they don’t stay around when you die, it they don’t seem to work like they’re supposed to either

Re: Faction Barding

That is what I am saying lol the barding doesn’t say it in its description, but if you read the potions description, it says the barding will completely negate the effects of the faction boss. So it’s completely all over the place and misleading to say the least.

Re: Faction Barding

In the description on the potion it says it will completely negate the effects of the boss effect, so if it is just a percentage and not full immunity like the tier 4 potion it’s just a tad misleading because it doesn’t.

Faction Barding

I wasn’t able to find a current thread on this, so forgive me if this is posted elsewhere with an answer already. But I was just wondering if the faction bardings are supposed to counteract the boss effects like the potions do? Not saying they should or shouldn’t, just wondering if they’re supposed ...

Re: ETA for today’s reset

+1 I know you guys are working on it and all, but the lag has become unbearable. We’ve had two failed gele attempts on ros, one being he reset at 20% health out of nowhere (no we didn’t wipe). The second one it was just too laggy and glitchy, especially the screen glitch stuff. Makes it hard to reli...

Re: Death of the small businessman

I agree. I don’t understand the thrill or excitement of a one clan server. And I come from one basically. There aren’t any options for an eg and even midgame level player aside from one on Ros. And let’s face it, those are the levels where bossing really becomes exciting and fun. But you can’t do th...

Re: caviar debuff

By far superior I mean given the choice between the two, everyone would choose that dex boost over the health regen. Even if it isn’t an op boost, it doesn’t really need to be. It’s still a desirable boost . Like I said, I think Bara is a fair alternative to caviar, which isn’t as easily made, but i...

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