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Re: Carrowmore Mini Event

It's been great for our clan. What would have taken us a few months to get just 1 dl set we are possibly able to make 5 this weekend alone. Purely because the 2 dominant clans are competing for the legacies and we are able to get enough people to satisfactorily win a lock battle for sreng and snorri...

No boss drop

Just to make you aware OTM we killed a 6 star 150'witch hunter today and got no drop or anything. Was on arawn I think around 8.40am aest.
Don't mind about drop but just to make you weary

Locking battles

When locking are all classes quick casts the same speed? Eg is shadowstrike for rogue and sharp shot for ranger thee same speed? So then it isn't unfair when doing a lock battle. Same as warrior pummel and mage fire bolt. Not sure what Druids is. Probably lightning strike. But are all the skills the...

How many?

Updates take a long time and replies are very slow. This got me thinking.

How many people do you think are in OTM?

If I had a guess I'd say 5 or 6.

What do you's think

Re: Best server to Xfer to?

Alleviate wrote:Looking to xfer to a new server now that Cross-platform is implemented, if anyone got some ideas
Basically looking for a server that has little competition, isn't dead and uses a fair system to gear players up

Xfering from Arawn btw


I have 11.5m cash on Rhiannon if interested

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