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Re: New winter fash

Current vendor fashion shall still be purchasable in the next client update. Next update will contain 2 fashion sets, one being purchasable via Fashion Tokens the other will drop in parts from chests (Just like older Mystery Chests). I was thinking it was going to be like a luxury shop fashion. Wil...

Re: How dragons could have been

We have to agree that the jackpot pet was poorly advertised as well as the description of how it works and OTM has agreed with us. Continuous arguing won’t help with anything. The most you can do is try to let it pass even though I know you would have spent a considerable amount of money on the game...

Complete oversupply

There is now a complete oversupply of lixs, resurrection idols and restoration potions.

For example I have 12k redirection idols


Why can’t they make a shop which trades the idols or useless chest rewards for something worth it. Maybe more chests or a dragon egg

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