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Re: Disconnected

CookiesAreNotGay wrote:Is anyone else randomly getting kicked off the server more often since the update? My internets not bad and i was wondering if anyone had the same problem

boi u better not dc at aggy we will wipe

Re: I'm confuzzled

Why are people getting so riled up over a hat... Am I the only one completely confused why people are mad that free fashion is no trade? I was unable to log during the free hat thing and you don't see me ranting to OTM.... It's free fashion, be happy and thankful, no reason to be jealous or angry.....

Re: What should I invest in?

What items (if any) should I invest in starting out on a new mage toon? I've already begun investing in sigils but aside from that I'm confused on what a mage needs to reach end game. I'm talking regen/lux wise. This post maybe a little vague, I hope someone can make head or tail Great thing about ...

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