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Re: Fishing competition top 10 winners from all worlds rewards

The message for fishing special reward says that They MAY send a special reward. not WILL send. There's a probability it MAY NOT happen. It's not obligatory... I find it fair because chicken competiton top 10 winners will get their special prizes and fishers should too But here's the thing, chicken...


Mdunc1982 wrote:
Mclovin69 wrote:Seed will never die

They will be getting less frozen drops very soon though lol. Noone can beat my rogue more than once or twice in a day.

Skip 3 meals a day?

Re: For those who got scam

Don't name and shame on the forums please. There are a few 3rd party Arawn "band" groups that you could post these screenshots in. It's unfortunate but it seems OTM's support office has been slowed down the past few weeks. I sent I think 14 screenshots that confirmed someone was stealing ...

Re: Final Chicken Chaser competition results! - Pending Review

I am so disappointed in otm. I spent 6 grueling days picking chickens for a level 1? What is wrong with you guys? Dont you appreciate your players? Nothing special about the chicken. I received more from saling the chicks at auction for 2 gold each. I do love the partical hat but just wow. I made l...

Re: GOT my Chicken chaser prizes and here's my review

Hey Heroes, Thanks for providing additional feedback on the competition and its rewards. In response, Farmer Moffatt has begun breeding some unique chickens for all previous Chicken Chasing competition winners. In the next update , all top ten competitors for each world will receive a cosmetic chic...

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