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Re: The call for help

Ooooo!!! Me me me!
(How can we help???)

Or is this just a spoiler warning that there's a new event boss coming soon near the wrecked wagon in Lir's?

...or was this just asking us to identify the location lol
Either way, I'm intrigued :D

Re: Online bullying how is the best way to deal with it.?

You want to know how to fix it? curse them with the most vile words you know, because they cant tell you what to do, hoped that helped I’m sorry, but from past experiences returning harmful words with more harmful words has never helped. If anything it makes things worse. Then that's your problem. ...

Re: Thanks for fixing this

I meant to say this back when the Dino update first dropped, but thank you so much to the devs for finally making it so that not only do we not need to constantly add back the skills for pets, war mounts, and offhand skills, but that they go right back to the same spot you have them set up. I can’t...

Re: Spirit Pets

Idk... I feel that spirit is the "premium" mount and phoenix/dragon/seedling are "premium" pet If we were to get spirit pets, then the next logical step would be chest battlemounts and I feel that's kinda overkill. Edit: I feel that phoenix/dragon/seedling are OP enough, I don't ...

Re: The pig pet

I can see it being useful for a support druid if you can't afford a plat pet, not much else I feel like bunny would be a better option for the average druid, but pig could too, depending upon style/build. But imo bunny has been the perfect leveling pet (war), and I know a couple people that say the...

Re: Support response time

They're working on it. There's not really any way that they could go in and find every time where every player has lost lixs, determine how much or each lix and/or food they had left (10 seconds lost of a lix isn't necessarily worth a refund), and add those items to them. Even if players did send in...

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