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Re: Views on loot boxes

TL;DR: Yes and no, And not really, but kinda Are lootboxes gambling? Yes, in that you don’t have a guaranteed outcome and your results are somewhat random with more desirable stuff being more rare, thus increasing the demand for them. But in another way, not necessarily. I’m not entirely sure how to...

Re: Is dicing against CH's rules?

You are voluntarily lending someone X amount of gold on the promise that you get Y back if an unlikely occurrence happens. Dicing is allowed because that’s a legitimate transaction that you could use many different functions of the game to do (“I bet you 5k that snor will be 6*”). However, the only ...

Re: How do you describe Celtic Heroes to others in real life?

Um bypassing the bullying discussion for now, my description does depend upon to whom I am talking. The basic is just “an online game where I’ve spent way too much time lol” but if they’re interested I give them a description of what all I do and that either interests them or makes them go “ah... co...

Re: ch

Also, more rare stuff has been added to chests (dragon/Phoenix/seedlings/reindeer/Hellsteed) so add proportionate demand from each of those.

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