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Re: Server Transfer

Two months is way too short. Needs to be somewhere from six months to a year. It should be so expensive to move that if a scammer were to move places, supposedly the items he scammed would all be spent up in the cost it took to transfer. I would say 100$ is perfectly fine since if you want to leave...

Re: New item drop locations

Jake wrote:
Mind wrote:Edit: @Jake, any reason that amulet of borrum is a different color? My OCD wants to know lol

Either they changed it between Beta and Release, or the different tiers have just got different appearance.

No I meant the text description of it lol

Re: New item drop locations

Can this thread be sticky’d or something? Lots of people use it and it would be nice to have it be always at the top that way people don’t have to go searching for it when people stop replying to the thread after a while I have it bookmarked, but yeah that would be nice. Edit: @Jake, any reason tha...

Re: Apostate Spawn Location

Psst, if it’s inaccurate, maybe mention how on the thread so they can update it. It’s a compilation compiled by/on behalf of the community and any info would be very helpful as most people refer to that thread for reference. The thread has like 38 pages or something, information gets lost there. .....

Re: Views on loot boxes

I feel like the whole discussion of loot boxes and other forms of RNG-based content is very much a grey area in the gaming world. What's the difference between buying then opening a chest and getting random drops, and killing a boss and getting random drops? In most games, the difference is that lo...

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