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Re: clan for the weak!

NO i want PEOPLE from the end game clans to make a clan for the lower lvled people and help them gear etc you all know how hard it is to make it in this expensive a** world 350k for a mage offhand in carrow are you serious my mage is still paying multiple payments to pay off a lent firestorm spell!

clan for the weak!

someone rich and powerful and generous shpuld make a clan helping cheaply lux low lvls and help em gear darkshadow warden ans met armor until theyr high enough lvl to join end games alt clan

Re: register email

i have a slight different problem and new to this website so idk i have an old account and a new i just created im trying to reset my password for the old account i know the email and user and it sais new password sent to email but i go into my email and NO celtic heroes mail has ever reached me sam...

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