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Re: Return gold from trade

Raba bought the mount from someone unknowingly that it was scammed. A couple days later support said the the mount had been scammed and they were taking the mount from his inventory. He messaged back asking if he could at least get his 1.75 mil he paid, as he also borrowed a mil from a clannie to bu...

Re: Yet another DKP system.

If we earned dkp, why should we be penalized because rl took us away from game for a little? I dont think this is an appropriate dkp system, because not really fair, not everyone chooses to go inactive... you should get and keep your dkp until it's gone i believe Depends if you believe the current ...

Re: All About Epona Updated

I have a couple questions on bossing: 1. If you dual, do you get to roll for each account you bring? 2. If you don't dual, do you only get to choose for class you bring or can you choose (example: I bring by druid but want to roll for a drop for my rogue which I did not bring) 3. Are frozen bosses a...

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