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Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

So keep wondering lol. We don't care. Strategy isn't getting shared. Or you could try being dedicated and figure it out rather than always waiting for the pros to share their methods? I don’t care about using your strategy for my own advantage... besides, Epona does server attempts anyways. I’m que...

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

#2 clan on Sulis, home of retribution (2nd most powerful clan in the game according to the leaderboards), kills dino so soon after Nuada, one of the weakest servers recently plagued with bans. Wuuut Now as far as the Dino raid itself goes - it was literally intended to be accessible to clans of var...

Re: Top clan and Server

H3ROBigG wrote:Allow me to make a minor edit to my above comments.

Toxic is capable of killing every boss in the game. Retribution is capable of killing every boss up to BT.

oof the shade

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

Zkills wrote:
Chaotic wrote:
Zkills wrote:Despite everyone saying how bad it is. Is there a video of the kill? I wanna see .-.

Yes I videoed nuadas kill but because of comp servers like sulis won’t be releasing it atm.

So it’s strategy, not necessary coordination like you said?

You need coordination to pull off the strategy :lol:

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