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Dropped items

I dropped my ancient beastbone leggings a few months ago. I've been sending support tickets often. At some point I got mail with ancient bone feet and hands restore; I appreciate the sense of humor, but I would like bone legs back, if possible. Thanks :D

Druid support build

I'm just curious, what gear do other druids use for full support with the highest results? Skulls or CD bracers/charms for cooldown boosts? Gele rings or skain focus rings? Mord bracer swaps or gele bracers? EDL set or occult/hrung helm combos? Skain spirit/shrive sets or drake neck/misc combos? I'l...

Re: Does a lock warrior exist?

Lock warriors are hardly a thing, they aren't a short-burst class. No warrior can win ph unless they have a beast pummel and spam correctly. 5*? Different story. Most frozen 5* kills will go to a warrior in lock group- they can do pretty solid damage (especially on frozen!). On 6* are good as well- ...

Re: Question for full Doch G rogues

Well summed-up toothpick. I like that. OFC, you would swap skill rings, skill cd bracers and/or mord skill bracers as DPS as well for a high damage boost. I would put ingenuity into permanent slot so that when you swap you don't lose the damage from it. i may be a ranger but i believe this is still...

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