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Re: New player thoughts

Hello, Sorry to hear of your troubles and yes starting out can be very difficult. Otm the development team have added some crafting such as cooking and fishing that are great for free to play players. My main is 224 and I have an alt of each class that I’m currently leveling. I have been free to pla...

Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Just a little helpful hint from one Celtic Hero fan to another. Loans even with family carry an inherent risk. If you would like to minimize that risk there are options for you to take. You could try to do a background check by asking others about the player. This is has a major flaw in that true ac...

Re: Server rules and statuses

You should come check out Taranis. We are a FFA server with many clans to choose from. We have 3-4 different end game clans that all vie for gele, proto prime, necro, and mordis. We have many smaller clans that are growing and changing everyday. On Taranis, you can enjoy a high demand for any class....

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