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Re: New Revival Recruitment

Every system has issues, simple rolling included. There is no limits system, so it is common to see the drops put up in auction house right after kill (which really blows for everyone at the kill who wanted/needed it). It also makes competition far more fierce for DPS items. On the plus side, simpl...

Re: New Revival Recruitment

How do you combat people who are active and attend a boss and get a good drop over people who camp every day? To answer this question requires a shift away from standard dkp thought that focuses on the drops. We focus on a fair chance. We have 10-15 different players that track and use spytoons to ...

Re: New Revival Recruitment

Question out of curiosity as I've been quite interested in taranis for the past year or so, does the roll for drop system work well for you guys or have there been issues here and there? Well actually it has many positive benefits. Gear is rather quick to obtain and people that need gear as they le...

Chicken vs Spider

I have a level 181 ranger and I’m interested in your thoughts as to which pet is better for leveling. The added dps from a spider is very nice and most endgame rangers I see are using it, however I was thinking that a chicken could eliminate the need for lightheal and give me more points to spend so...

New Revival Recruitment

Hello Taranis, My name is Grimeo and I am a General In the clan Revival. We are always looking for interesting new faces that are dedicated players. We are an endgame clan that regularly kills Gelebron, and most other bosses are kill on site or “kos” for our clan. We recently added lots of new faces...

Re: Test Forum

+1 I personally would love it if we had a section of forums dedicated to all the hard work you all do in design. Somewhere where you had every fashion set, the drawing board photos of the design, and maybe even the raid boss designs set up as a gallery. We could also have a section for new designs s...

Thank You Muldar

From all of us in the Celtic Heroes family, we would like to thank you for the easy image uploader that you all installed. One more GIANT STEP to make the forums more user friendly.

Thank You !!!!!


Re: Screenshots

30946CBB-F569-4536-8D33-9DB4028EC2E6.jpeg (68.66 KiB) Viewed 859 times

Here is one I took from the Forbidden Floor of the tower. It’s the pathway leading to Arcane Sactum where Gele the final boss is.

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