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Re: Mage Balance Changes

I had the idea for the divine attune and yes I can see the problem there. Perhaps if the edl armor bonus, main hand, and offhand divine damage bonuses were converted from auto attack damage to a skull damage percentage that would work better. It would need to be small for each piece but when used to...

Re: Offhand upgrades

Each toon can get all base oh for thier class. Decide which you like best and apply your echos to that one. Echos upgrade to better stats and at max tier a new ability. Echos can only be obtained after you are tier 3 with your faction and you kill the weekly faction boss for the quest.

Re: Well we got a nooby!

I would be happy to help out. I have been playing on taranis for years now and truly love our server. If you would like to know any server specific information I do have some available and you can feel free to reach out to me anytime you see any of my toons on in the game. I go by Grimm as you can p...

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

I think the double plat sale will be a great way to spur activity in all servers. I also really like the idea of tieing it into the Gardens Update. Could call it “Bloodthorn Awakens”. Have all dl and edl armor and weapon boss spawns be either 5-6 stars, raid bosses spawning 3x as fast, and all legac...

Re: Gele wand skill

Do people use it? I can't seem to make it work with the rest of my skills because the animation means the cast time is actually super long. Maybe I'm doing something wrong (highly likely). A nice addition, only used when there's the slight gap between skill cool downs, otherwise mainskills are prio...

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