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New recipe

Recipe name: Fresh mince pie
Idk how to upload an image of it, but it basically says 'Festive cheer increased by 200%, wow!'
What does it do?

Re: Return to Carrowmore Tunnels! - Halloween Mini Event!

Hereos, The season of fear is upon us and monsters of old return with a vengeance! http://www.celtic-heroes.com/images/CarrowEvent2.jpg This weekend Osan Marach and Urchaid the Overlord return, prepare for Halloween Horror - The Sequel! Might be stupid to ask but, 5* versions too or only 6*?

Forgotten e-mail

Hello, I have an account which I can't remember what email I registered in it. Is it possible i get that email address? The reason this happened is i have alot of emails and i keep cleaning the inbox every once in a while (ik, stupid), but i only need the email address not the pass or something. I c...

Re: idea #2 gods of the arena

This game desperately needs a pvp update, no offense to OTM. The introduction of arena was very nice, but i think it needs alot of updates and possibly some rewards for top ranks. They also need to fix the Castle leystone bug, where u can travel to the first castle leystone mid fight and lose no pvp...

Re: Legacies are not 14 days.

No coding expert so I don't understand the Jargon :( same but it appears that for legacy bosses they are averaged to spawn at 14 days, so like 14 days would be the middle of the bell curve, but it could spawn indefinitely on either end, but the further you get away from 14 days the less likley it i...

Re: Where's the balance??

I don’t understand that the higher the mob, the harder they should be to kill however I’m 166 and I do loose a lot of health killing 1* and 2* mobs equal to me in carrow. 3* leave me almost dead and 4* impossible. So if I want to kill just mobs I have to wait for full regeneration each time. The ga...

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