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Re: Is it a BUG?

Bug? On GoAt GaMe? Na man. Ch is perfect as is. It has 0 bugs. Its completely balanced. We don’t need anymore updates or contents. If u find any bugs or glitches, its YOUR fault. Maybe don’t play the GoAt GaMe incorrectly and u won’t experience issues. Stop trying to change the gOaT gAmE and change ...

Re: Lets talk about the Dino raid

A lot of players use macros for druids and freeze mages because of it, some of the same people defending the raid here, so yeah it is a bit boring. macroing a freeze mage would be impossible idk how macros work but theres a fix time for when u need to use freeze on dhio, i dont think its impossible...

Re: Lets talk about the Dino raid

Personally, I think the raid is fine as it is (Maybe a small adjustment as a stat nerf, maybe the orbs slightly smaller. I don’t think the strategy is an issue either, and it’s not unheard of for them to be a viable strategy among other MMORPGs, prayer flicking comes to mind - infact it’s the only ...

Lets talk about the Dino raid

So we just killed Dino. It wasn’t fun at all. Not gonna get into details on forums but everyone knows how its done by now. Nerf the entire raid a bit, and fix that bug because it’s clearly not possible to kill dino the “legit” way. Also increase the drops from 3 to 4 or 5 as a compensation. The boss...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Welp that was a let down. Everyone expected them to remove pots /:
My clan did a pot gathering event just in case they weren’t removed and its been going great ever since. 6 bt kills and counting.

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

To add to what should be considered quality of life. Reduce the drop rate of e shield, e boost, e harvest. And all other neglected skills to be as rare as apostate spawns. There's a reason the skills aren't used. You can't make them desirable just dilutes the boss drop table. Or balance skills... I...

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