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Re: Weekend Events

Guthix123 wrote:

IMO Legacy/EG/armor boss events would suck. Everyone would just spend the whole day camping

Thts wht i hope if they do an eg boss event they do its window like prot...so for ex 6h spawn time with 10 mins window as an event for a weekend

Re: T8 offhands skills

Asking to have the team review the offhands since there's been quite a bit of feedback and description bugs. Ty. While at it make the druid and warrior offhands more proper, fix the rogue offhand glitch and generally I think its just best if VR told us what all skills do at t8, 9 and 10. A post I m...

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Thank you Tadaah for the update, and good luck for the team with implementing those nice changes. May i ask you what is the team’s plans for the following issues/problems (i think) • BT’s thrones skill bug • some of the CG underpowered offhands, mainly the support druid, support mage and warrior ax...

Re: Bloodthorn Drop Curiosity

Rock wrote:Just wondering has any server actually got a godly/imperial bloodthorn drop if so what was it I'm really interested to see :)
(This is if bloodthorn actually drops godly/imperial items which I'm sure this plant does)
Cheers :)

We got an imp ice ammy on first kill in danu

Re: Bloodthorn Feedback

+500 to all lures for 5 seconds Is that a 500 boost to every lure? Meaning that if u cast the skill then fire lure, ir lure will have 500+ extra power? Or is it a skill that u cast on the target that will lower all resistance by 500 for 5 seconds? It it is the latter then it’s quite bad lol. first ...

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