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Re: New to fingal

Ray of sunshine and happiness, check.
pleasant, check.
rubs big clans up the wrong way already, check.
dude you already ticked the interesting boxes, look me up sometime :)

Re: Fingal economy

And there's the same out of date estimate that I guessed was coming.

Come to Fingal anyway, I'll sell you stuff at an overly high price :')

Re: Fingal economy

In Fingal, everything is free, the landscape is awash with fluffy sheep, rainbows and unicorns, roaming free as nature intended.

It has to be quicker to create an account and come see for yourself, anything we write here is no better than an out of date estimate. It's utopia, trust me :)

Re: Upside down approach

I can see why there's bank player sharing, it's almost a no brainer really yet doesn't detract from the game in any way I can see. If this were outlawed then people would simply find a new way to store and admin their gear that they all worked so hard to collect. It's such an important part of the g...

Re: Losing intrest in CH

Tbh a lot of things that are not the same, I can't rant here ofc it'll be deleted, will talk about it in a video just because I have more freedom of speech there without getting threatened to be banned, stay tuned. Agent claw dear, you can't quit or lose interest, you're the one whose clan is suppo...

Re: All about Fingal

Or come and join Elite Sentinels, we're lovely people :)
Unless you're evil then you'll already be in the right clan, we'll still be nice to you despite that <3

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