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Re: Take a glance.

For a game played for free I think it's brilliant :) I can't recall any other free to play that i played for so long and enjoyed so much.
Happy to go with this game in whichever direction it goes :)
Kudos and thx to OTM team from me at least.

Complaining to continue below ___________

Re: Big Thanks to the Developers

Agree, thank you to all of you and also all the support team, community managers and everyone else behind the scenes. I am truly sorry this happened and best of luck with everything in the future (if you end up making a new game then let us know!). All the best, E x +1 this. So sorry to read this, ...

Re: New to fingal

It's just possible that fingal isn't the server for you then. That said, rejects can survive or even thrive, there's a decent number of free spirits out there that do just fine. Reject is a harsh word. Why not start your own clan as a suggestion? Cows could use a little competition, or probably a la...

Re: New to fingal

On another note, could anyone tell me what 'area disruption' means, and why it's frowned upon / objectionable ? Is that one or more people in the same place competing for the same thing, or an arena brawl, or something else entirely ? Everything is fair game isn't it ? However I'll admit that having...

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