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Re: hero transfer

I'd just like to see where players can log their toons into any server seeing as how many have friends that play on other servers. If nothing was going on in one server, they could go help in another. I'd be fine with binding gear to servers to avoid players from acquiring gear for the purposes of ...

Re: hero transfer

Agree entirely that server merger is too much of the wrong change. And to my mind it only exacerbates the issue that this thread was about in the first place. The inhabitants of the new server would now be in one that's doubled (if it's that many) but they cannot get out . I can't even comprehend th...

Re: Interruption of Skills

You could post this in the druid section where friendly druidy types will auggest things that will help. Such as taking on fewer mobs, or if swarm and lightning are doing their job already then whats the worry, or welcome to druid life, or a 100ish druid isn't quite the dps crazed killing machine yo...

Re: hero transfer

I'd come check out Lugh as well if errrrr well yeah. Starting over ? I couldn't face that lvl grind.

I think it's a moot point though and those 200+ toons with no gear and full edl will stay as server ghosts.

Re: hero transfer

+1000 transferring servers would be excellent, I think a load of people who have retired toons because they lost out to a dom clan would still be around if this was possible. The rest of it people will work out, it's super common in other MMOs so the arguments don't really have any grounding. +2000...

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