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Missing items

I mailed a lot of items to my bank toon and some went missing. I sent ticket and talk to admins. Pass a month already. I knew other players had same issues.how long did you guys wait for? just curious on the time span I should be waiting. I check forums acc and email and my ch toons if I got any msg...

Re: Fix to Gear System, solves problem of waiting for gear!

10min window great for solo players and small clans.the only thing that should change is lower frozen timers and change all armour drops to like warden where one drop can be all class.so sad to see all druid crest cost 1k and purple cost 1mil for one And for ppl saying once u get warden u can’t kill...

YouTube vid idea

Since y’all have a channel do a day in the life in otm office :P i bet y’all party errday and for those who run a ch channel visit the otm office haha

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