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Re: Transfers

How do these work? And how do they happen and who can I trust to do one if I wanted to do one You mean xfer? if so than say you wanna xfer from lir to arawn than you give someone the amount of gold or stuff needed in lir and he gives it back to your new toon on arawn, you must check that person is ...

Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

So what happened: I created a new toon in the new server as soon as Muldar posted, ( all cool names taken ), I was able to get in, found a dozen of people there, ( including curry who didn't know me ) , it was smooth for a sec and then everyone freezed, after I disconnected I couldn't reconnect on a...

Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

Hey Heroes, Cross platform game play will be live shortly, servers are coming online now! To celebrate the cross platform launch, we have added a new world 'Nuada' our first truly cross platform world! http://www.celtic-heroes.com/images/Nuada.jpg To celebrate, a new chest and a new chance to gain ...

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