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Re: food of the god launch?

We are currently reviewing the player feedback and bug reports received during the Food of the Gods update. Hopefully early to mid October dependent on the workload but nothing is set in stone at this time. Any set time frame for the release of the Corrupted Gardens beta test? Nothing at this time,...

Re: Where's the balance??

I don’t understand that the higher the mob, the harder they should be to kill however I’m 166 and I do loose a lot of health killing 1* and 2* mobs equal to me in carrow. 3* leave me almost dead and 4* impossible. So if I want to kill just mobs I have to wait for full regeneration each time.

Re: Can’t log in

It was the same for me earlier, I could only get on over 4G using WiFi wasn’t working.
I’m with virgin media, I reset the whole box but I have been using my phone as a hot spot since so Don’t know if it has been resolved.

Re: Server Restart - 12 Noon - Carrowmore Carnage Mini Event!

That was a pretty great event! To highlight some of the best parts: Best event ever! Ikr?! 0 camping Best event ever! but seriously, Muldar and OTM ill be honest and say idk much about programing or comp sci, or anything related to what could be going on, but to me it seems like there is a larger i...

Re: Server Restart - 12 Noon - Carrowmore Carnage Mini Event!

They should just bring the servers down, spend 72 hours to fix the server login problem permanently and come back fresh on Monday. Let's not even bother with the event as this will just be 3 days of issues and another potential disruption next week. Although in theory that’s a good idea, maybe do i...

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