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Lag since Friday/Saturday skills and hot-swaps mostly effected.

I am not surr what happened because until late Friday night I had no problems. I got a few new drops and used an alt book, but since then all my hot swaps have become very laggy and sometimes don’t go at all. Using the Phoenix ability is hit and miss as well. Running seems fine, although when using ...

Re: Witch raid? Funny

I have found the whole arena boss things quite boring and hard because of the hard lag. This could have been a great idea and personally I don’t know how to change it for the best, but feeling frustration from slow movement being killed by invisible foes and not being able to use all skills for fear...

Re: CANNOT LOGIN ACCOUNT: Glitched and locked out, need help

Today's reset should implement a fix for players stuck online. If you attempt to log in while another character is online, you will still receive the notification that you are already logged in and to please wait 5 minutes. However, the system should now ensure that all characters are offline withi...

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