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Re: *Feels Frustrated !!*

pigman wrote:sadly, being friends with golgatha players wont really help you in the long run

Just lol...

I also don't block, sometimes a person you blocked could be really useful, like if he sells junk or stuff

Re: Modding the game

The truth hurts? So you can prove to me right now that rezurect is a child? And calling someone an idiot is considered an insult, true or not. I'm not trying to make any arguments, I'm just saying you should chill out with the name calling and the rudeness.

Re: Modding the game

First of all, what right do you have to insult other players, who you have not even met? I do believe that's also a violation of the Terms & Agreements. @ HoenHeimOfLight Now back to the main topic, modding. I was at the fight aileron posted pictures of, and yes they were standing on the walls. ...

leaving morrigan for a few days

I'm leaving morrigan for a few days, because of the total amount of bs in the past like 3 days. If I don't leave I will probably explode or something so I need a break :/ if your looking for me check server danu, I'm a mage named GorillaGod. I should be on at least for a visit no later then friday. ...

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