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Re: If your bored tlk on this :p

There once was a chimp Short as an imp walked with swag Tho his friends called him *** Now this young primate Had an odd way to mate He would toss his poop Thru his zoo gate He would shout and sing Still poop he would fling Also he cried When up went his ping You see, chimp is just like you Even if ...

Re: Who is who ?

Or how about the original agility or even who was agility before he was agility as many think he was a hidden alt. I think agility was pfcbutler, who said agility was actually his son (a proven lie). Who is agility currently, I don't know. Pfc could have decided to hide on agility because he was hi...

Re: golgatha harrasment

You can agree all you want lol, tbh I find some people in every clan, including my own, rude and just downright ***holes. I just find it annoying how xilo continues to comment daily on a conflict that he barely understands.

Re: golgatha harrasment

And yet here I go again, Argos, and Blaze I personally favor out of Golgotha. Rhyjsm is cool too. But still, over the time that Golgotha has been ran by Skullcrusher; ksing has dignified this clan as an enemy clan. This why Avalon, Marath, and various lesser clans hate Golgotha. The people in it, h...

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