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Boy12345... ks him :)

As some may know, I was scammed by Boy12345... (my own fault I know). I bought hero boots off him for 140k (a hell of a good price) and he asked me for a refund. I hate denying refunds, it makes me feel terrible :( so I said sure. He puts up the 140k and I said 'thank you' and accepted. The a$$ chan...

Re: the rise of GodAndCountry

Hahaha me and my guards got bored cause the clan was missing something (I'm still not sure what :| ) and we kicked everyone :lol: ... it was doing good and we ended it by choice not by it dying out. And hahaha +1 to piggy on his statement, it was great for us :P

the rise of GodAndCountry

Freedom fighters, fighting with honor for the glory of the drops. Peaceful with MarathDamane and smaller clans. We are growing stronger by the hour, fight with us and well gear you, respect you, and let you enjoy playing the game.

Re: what do you do when hurricane sandy kills your power?

lol will do :P my puppies are alright just a little nervous... tho I expect them to be just dandy by tomorrow :) Sadly my phones about to die and we arnt expected to get power back till Friday :( so I won't be on the forums or game for a few days... *sigh* ofc when I start leveling again something l...

Re: Golgatha? A good Clan?

Yes your right it does glitch. Buttttt what's funny is I asked her to do it again, so she turned around and walked right back into the wall for me so I could grab picks... weird glitch huh? You seem to think that everyone in Avalon is a perfect angel and would never do anything wrong... meanwhile wh...

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