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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hello everyone Im fantasy from dark age of camilot i hope u can help me to know how to use this forum account cause i just start now and im a little confused of what i should do to start progress in this account and thank u all Welcome to Gwydion! I suggest reading your class guide on the forums to...

Re: What Was Your Favorite Event?

I particularly enjoyed the 2014 Samhain Event due to many reasons: Garanak. It’s been the best event raid so far, introduced great gear for casters and melee DPS at the time, including the coveted Bloodthorn set. Although waiting 1-2 months for a Bloodthorn charm to drop wasn’t that fun, the enjoyab...

Re: Telltale

Played all The Walking Dead games since release. Clementine and her journey has been quite something else. Farewell Telltale.

Re: The BEST Dragon

Maybe the question should be: are dragons reeally worth the 12 million they cost? My eagle has more focus and gives me some helpful damage. Sure the dragon is cool but is it really all that good? Would only recommend dragons if you're end game and have spent your gold on the best possible gear upgr...

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