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SELLING: Huntsman Ring 1.5m, Flamebringer and Pict Charm 200k Ea, Blue and Normal Necro Charm 100k Ea, Blue Fg Set 350k

Mail xCarnage on Crom


Buying Aeon Chests, 190 Poacher Ammy, Old Hero Ammy Boots And Gloves, 150 Wyld Sun Ammy, White Fash sets, Rare Mounts.

Mail xCarnage in Game

Items Lost after I Unequip

Can anyone help me, don't know how to contact support through game so i posted here. I unequipped my 4 Valour Rings but when I looked at my inventory it was gone so as one Shrive Skain Ring I haven't worn yet. Anyone has an idea of whats happening? I didnt drop them or trade them to anyone.

Selling Some Lux

SELLING: 150 Wyld Sun and River Rings, 190 Trail Raven Ring, 190 Tracker Ring, 150 Startem Attack Ring, 150 Arachnus Attack Ring, 90 Poacher Ring, 100 Ice Crystal Dex Ring, 100 Wyld Sun Ring, 150 Axe, 100 Arachnus Def Ring, 100 Sky Attack Ring, 100 Starstone Hawk Ring :x ~Mail: Execute, 205 Ranger

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