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Re: Pierce

Unequip all your items as a level 1 find a low pierce wep, check dmg stats at level 1 with low pierce wep, level up, use 1 point of str and check how much it raises your dmg, this is just about the only way besides using another class with no armour and a crappy pierce wep, then dividing the dmg by ...

Re: Old bosses like ythair etc.

Broom of doom never dropped from a mob, maybe you mean Lord Pumpleroot who dropped Pumpleroots, and the Undeadfire Titan also doesn't spawn as you said, I'm unsure if queen midwinter still spawns, maybe not since she was a quest mob and not actually a boss. I have seen almost every single boss In t...

Re: Old bosses like ythair etc.

Ythair used to spawn 2 weeks after a reset near stone circle similar to that prince corvax dreadbone used to spawn near the north peninsula beach, at a similar time to ythair, but these might have changed. The connacht bosses spawn if you farm connachts enough in the area, one near the camp, near th...

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