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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Lol now we understand who's been selling off kudorks banked items. Those who have access have the right to sell I suppose. Maybe that's why inks response is always that he doesn't care. And maybe that's why rich slways seems to get all the drops. Hell why not roll on every single drop and sell those...

Re: childish

Lol laws. I have told you and your zombie clannies. That since you and airhead want to never acknowledge your griefers and only want to reward them for never stopping, that I would make sure you are paid back 10 fold. You guys were warned for months about your clannies, yet instead of stepping up, y...

Re: childish

Lol I have never claimed innocent. But u do say you don't care about your clan. So maybe stay outta conversations that don't apply to you.


To all those on danu that are sick of being in an inactive clan: if it bothers you to log and never see any clannies on or it bothers you to see bosses up that you can't kill with your current clan, or are you sick of when you finally camp a boss and finally get to kill it, you have no chance at any...

Re: childish

Share the name enterage. I'm guessing we all know but I'm sure there leadership has put him up to griefing you like they put up there top general to grief

Re: Changes on danu

Galactic all worlds are alike, it's just that you have been on danu so long a new world will feel fresh and exciting for awhile, just like danu did at one point. Some worlds have less clan wars and some have a lot more cooperation between clans. But in the end there's still one clan that's the top a...

Re: Good grief

Cyprus that was my fault, didnt know u wernt serious about finally looking for peace. Since update ascension had pretty much stopped all griefing, even though there exp mobs and training mobs have been getting griefed with. Then when a few showed to mordis and started griefing our clannies had decid...

Re: Player ratings!

Categories Most friendly: id say edogg he tries to get along with all chatter box: to many noobs to list Server clown: not one that i can pin point Most helpfull: varies with clan i guess. We have several but pretty much all actives Most honest: no comment Class ratings- im only rating if they play ...

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