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Re: LazyDrunks of Herne downs BT

I feel like OTM wanted us to kill both roots when designing pools. As for Volt it isn't really diffrent from fire and ice roots and is manageable when focused fast. If you leave Volt up for long enough to get to t3/t4 (often due to ppl afking, mages chasing the kill etc.. ) then it's your clan's fau...

Re: T10 skills

Anyone knows the axe yet? And please not someone whom again will tell me t10 is 2.5k-3k dmg when t8 is 3k. I hardly believe any clan would upgrade that offhand. That offhand along side with support druid and support mage are one of the worse. Quivers are the best of the worse. disagree. Quiver is o...

Re: T10 skills

xXzeemXx wrote:
Banzai416 wrote:Quiver skill goes up by 100 dmg.

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Thats it? From 1.6k to 1.7k? What a joke. What about dex? Is it the same?

Pretty sure it stays the same.

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