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Re: What’s new?

Looks like everything’s changed but the same. Anything exciting going on? Forums is not a good place to ask that question. If anyone gave an honest opinion, someone else would argue against that. Arawn is not a place where everyone is on the same page, except perhaps for serverwide boredom of the c...

Re: Whats life in CH after EG clan?

Believe it or not there is plenty to do in this game besides e.g. bosses. I left an end game clan myself a few years ago to restart and have no regrets on my decision. What I enjoy in the game is helping others grow, the wonderful community (I even received a stuffed dragon in the real world mail fr...

Re: Hi everyone!

I've been playing the game for almost 2 months, and I definitely can say that I appreciate the community here. I'm learning how to play a druid but I definitely wasted a LOT of time figuring out the simple things in this game like finding Bowen in the castle to get back on my mount lol or even what...

Re: Expectations

Muldar wrote:Yeah!
I'm writing up a little post about beta and I hope to have news on mini events soon :)

Awesome, thank you! Looking forward to beta and whatever events are coming.

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