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Re: user interface change

SavagePig wrote:
Druidmeno3 wrote:Some of the buttons have moved positions... why?

We had a Facebook button for beta that was removed.

We inadvertently changed buttons around I think, I'll find out if that can be changed back.


Thank you so much for removing the Facebook link.

Re: New player! ;p

OK sorry Your Nightmare i promise i wont do it again. :) ;) So who in ds forced you to write this apology for simply speaking your mind and " not fitting the small clan narrative"? Were you threatened with demotion in Ds for speaking your mind on the forums? The person in question is not ...

Re: Flo’s timer app

Just wanted to stop by to update this. Some idiot has been DDoSing it. I helped Rocu get it stabilized. Aforemention idiot is angry and will likely continue to DDoS the server. We have code in place to ban ip's if they go over a specific threshold. Should be stable now. If any legit folks get banne...

Re: New player! ;p

Welcome to Arawn :) Hope you like it here. I would recommend you chat with some people from different clans and see which would fit you best. If you would like to hear more about DragonSouls, mail me in game or pm me here. For Colours, mail Shadae or Joewin.

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