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Re: How is Lugh right now?

Just read Axis vs Alliance thread and damn, it's funny as hell.

It literally made me hate Alliance even more. They have a terrible system and all they care about is drops.

Alliance is what made me leave. Don't say it wasn't you guys. I hope Axis wins this. Alliance needs to burn.

How is Lugh right now?

I was a very old player in Lugh a while back, (2012) and am looking to come back after cross-platform.

Last time I played Alliance was the ruler of the server. I personally hate Alliance, like many other people.
I am just looking to see how it is now. Any other clans in power? Still run my Alliance?

Can't login

I deleted the game because I thought I was going to quit the game. (Who can quit Celtic Heroes?) When I re-downloaded the game, I wasn't able to login. I know my username and password for a fact. I didn't register an email in case I did forget my password. Is there any way someone can help? My usern...

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