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Re: Update

Dark wrote:Anything new on beta or is it just a software update?

There are some new things coming with the update. I would suggest talking some time to read topics on the forum.

Re: Falgren Spawn Rates

Stephone wrote:no bloodthorn and gelebron are end game bosses maybe falgrens a end game boss for like someone who just loaded up the game n doesnt like it dum dum bubble gum

Can you stop acting like a child?

Feel like people who necro post like this should be subject to a ban....

Re: Beta

Difinitus wrote:If you want to be apart of the beta for Phase 2, send me a PM.

Would I be able to switch to IOS for phase 2 ._. cause Android beta is dead.

Re: Unity 2018 beta

I have found several visual issues during beta. Each has been reported, so i only commented on one because i was in a different part of the area. What next? There are some major fixing and some minor fixes to be made. Do we wait for an update and then retest the area? Where should we look for those...

Re: Unity 2018 beta

Graphics are great but there needs to be a discussion about gameplay as well that's all I'm saying, it's just as important. Yes Tadaaah and others have hit and miss on these issues, I'm not angry lol but let's not forget these issues also, would hate to see them float on down the river As for the d...

Re: Unity 2018 beta

I guess I dont really see anything to be excited about, a non-guaranteed future update (with content ;) I'll stay quiet now and play the game like I've done for 4 years all the while being a loyal paying customer, censorship seems to be best applicated here, See ya around I don't see anyone telling...

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