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Re: Game Broke

Pretty sure we can break this down to the entire game, not individual servers. This happened before, during December, and a reset was quick to ensue. It's currently night for them and also the weekend, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for a reset today.

Re: Solo Class

My main reason for the thread was which classes can solo the biggest and baddest mobs that are able to be soloed, I should have been more specific. Thank you for all the replies on which classes solo the best. Leveling speed is no problem for me though. I don’t care how long it takes to get to end ...

Re: Celtic Heroes new server

Them rascals don’t spend any time, just the parents money ;) Can't buy lvl220, yet.... Mass amounts of Heroic combos. I’ve opened hundreds and hundreds of chests but have never seen a crate of them (I got a mythic Mount before getting a crate of heroic combos, it’s kinda sad lol)... so the only way...

Re: Defense Drop Off?

:lol: I even tried to keep that post super short and people still asking for a TLDR :lol: Probably coulda used a bit more spacing, but otherwise I thought it was fine....I’ve written many longer ones :P Ya same :lol: Wrote Muldar a 3k word pm once ._. I think that’s my record outside my fire mage g...

Re: Defense Drop Off?

Warsong wrote:Idk I see like almost no difference between when I have 17k attack or when I have 20k attack on Gelebron or Bloodthorn honestly. I'm pretty sure attack does have a plateau.

But is that because it actually plateaus or because you have more attack needed for the boss your attacking.

Re: Defense Drop Off?

All of the stats plateau, the only difference is that defence’s plateau is relative to the boss you’re fighting. It’s worth considering though that there are plenty of internal and external buffs for warriors in the game that greatly boost other stats though which plateau much harder - and high def...

Defense Drop Off?

My clan was having a discussion about tank gear and the topic of Defense came up, obviously. I know quite well about tanking so I don't need a break down of how tanking works. My question is this, have any of you tested defense to figure out at what point it falls off. By this I mean at what point d...

Re: Defence

As others have stated I wouldn't worry about small stat boosts early on and would focus much more on skill rings early on. Your also a ranger so defence isn't the biggest focus for you as your build will be heavy Dex already. Focus more on DPS.

Re: Pureness

^ yes of course it would have to be grindy, hence why I wanted to be like the CG offhand quests as there’s a good mix of grind and challenge in that process. Perhaps if VR ever does rework DG they could also create some new mainhands to go along with it Meh not challenging like the Lich boss or Rea...

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