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Re: A Beast Awakens

Is that new fashion the guy wearing ? Looks like more "electrical" object will come with next update. Idk, looks more like another suit fashion to me, here's a zoomed in image of it. https://i.postimg.cc/Gh4wR331/new-fashion.jpg Spirit armor? 100% looks like the suit fash with a flame eff...

Re: Gear and regen

I would say the more you level the more you should ignore regen. Choose gear for the stats and pretend the regens don't exist. I would invest more on sigs. This, regen numbers on gear don't scale well as you level up (less percent of total), sigs are an investment but the convenience is totally wor...

Re: Full support?

BT ammy would be something to look at. A godly ammy would definitely be the best support ammy for a rogue. Deadly ambush bracers are definitely the way to go for bracers. BT helm.

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