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Re: What's next?

Im assuming OTM has a new zone area planned for us or well,high lvl players

They posted a thread of their concept art for a new mob
it could either be just a new mob in otherworld
or it could be a New mob tht comes with a new zone

all my opinions

Good day

Re: Emperrors kick me for no reason

Agrred with space aggro You sound like some kid actually. Like "someone stole my phone, I need to buy a new one! And oh no!! My account is gone! But yey!otm brought it back but ohh *gasp* all my items are gone! NOOOO!!!! Oh well, farm farm farm..WATS DIS?! EMPERRORS INVITE ME TO THEIR CLAN?! Wo...

St3lla Here!

Hi there! im St3lla from Lir just a plain fire mage who was made to complete one of the checklist of a quitter's bucket list ..Just decided to play as a sub player for my bro..his name IG is Frosted Healing..quitted due to game issues like accusations,abuse,stuff like that etc... Im just his older b...

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