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Re: Open Beta Update!

@Muldar Will Cross-Platform Apply this beta? The character i play is in an iOS server (Rosmerta) and My device is an Android Phone Yet to be fully decided. Possibly no due to the volume of sign ups. Oh so how about it? The character i applied on was on an ios server but being played on an android d...

Re: xferring 30m gold from arawn

Many people here and naming Epona, but keep in mind that it is roll based, so hard work can go unnoticed and unrewarded. It is more populated and economy is decent however, good server if you're more of a casual player, some of the best DPS who know how to swap are from this server and that's a bon...

Watch Your Servers

Recently on Rosmerta a certain endgame-ish druid has quitted and the account has somehow been held by someone else (a scammer) it started here, my guess This certain someone took advantage of this Druid's reputation (a really really REALLY Nice guy) and did trust scamming . Specific Forever and TheR...

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