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Re: Best Build for Endgame Ice Mage

I'm late to the party. I gave up on mage and mained a ranger to help my clan for a while. I lost motivation to build until Sn0wflake visited mabon and convinced me to hop to rose to check out their build. My name on mabon is old greg, and I'm a 205 ice mage with full occult. I currently have the 7t...

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

The easiest way would just to make an all purpose melee and all purpose caster helm. Caster helms would belly rubs fire, ice, and mgc ability so it wouldn't matter if druid or mage used it. The other helm could have dagger, axe, bow, sword, spear, and hammer on it to give a weapons boost that was a...

Re: Cg Offhands

Corrupt wrote:
Warsong wrote:What do you guys think is the best offhand at t10 for dps(all classes)?

Now what’s the best Support t10 offhand?

Rank them!

Wooden spoon

for real. Come on, giant swing!?!? Really?!?

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